Regiment Rules for the 516th

Characters belonging to the 516th Denelian Stormcrows gain the following advantages:

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Perception, -3 Willpower, +3 to 2 (Perception, Strength, Toughness)

Starting Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill

Starting Skills: Survival, Awareness

Starting Talents: Combat Sense, Deadeye Shot, Lightning Reflexes or Light Sleeper or Resistance (Poison), Resistance (Fear)

Fluency: While death worlders have learned to speak
Low Gothic, they do not have time in their violent lives to
learn how to read or write the universal language of the
Imperium. Because of this, death worlders do not start with
the Linguistics (Low Gothic) Skill at creation, however they
are still capable of engaging in any verbal communication in
Low Gothic that does not require a Skill Test.

Wary of Outsiders: Death worlders tend to be slow to
put their faith in anyone other than themselves and their
comrades, and they chafe at the expectations and strictures
of more civilised society. They suffer a –10 penalty on all
Interaction Skill Tests made in formal surroundings, and
similarly impose a –10 penalty on any Interaction Skill Tests
made on them by any non-death worlders. These penalties
can be waived at the GM’s discretion if the death worlders are
dealing with those who have earned their trust.

Wounds: Characters from this regiment begin play with +2 starting Wounds.

Standard Regimental Kit: One uniform, one set of poor weather gear, one laspistol and two charge packs, one knife, Guard flak armor, one rucksack or sling bag, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and one water canteen, one blanket and one sleep bag, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one set of cognomen tags or equivalent, one primer or instructional handbook, two weeks worth of combat rations, photovisor, microbead, mantrap, one set of magnoculars, One Sentinel Scout Walker or One Chimera Armoured Transport per Squad.

Favoured Weapons: Long-las, ???

Break Down: Death World, Reconnaissance, Maverick CO, Sharpshooters.

Regiment Rules for the 516th

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