Trooper Gareth Blackwell

The Throne-fearing sniper of the Fightin' 516th Recon


Specialty: Weapon Specialist
Charactertics (+)s indicate how many characteristic advancements have been purchased for that stat)
WS: 32
BS: 49 (+)
S: 30
T: 35
Ag: 42 (+)
Int: 27
Perception: 42
Willpower: 32
Fellowship: 30

Common Lore (War)
Common Lore (Imperial Guard)
Navigate Surface
Survival + 10

Resistance (Fear)
Combat Sense
Deadeye Shot
Light Sleeper
Lasgun Barrage
Weapon Training (Las)
Weapon Training (SP)
Weapon Training (Flame)
-10 to Fellowship tests involving formal situations and interacting with non-death worlders

Ballistic Skill
Weapon Skill
Perception (+)

Fate Points: 2
Wounds: 13
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0

Long-las and 2 charge packs
Laspistol and 2 charge packs
4 Frag grenades
Accordion wire

XP: 0
XP Spent: 600


Gareth Blackwell grew up in the icy caves of Denell, intending to follow in his father’s footsteps in the humble occupation of Clan Blackwell – pest extermination. On the surface food was often scarce, but in the deep and complex caverns of the ice world there pockets of volcanic activity that gave off enough warmth and light to support basic plant growth, grox, and nalroth husbandry. Of course, the scarcity of food in general made pest control absolutely vital – a clan could starve if an ambull or frost wolf takes even a single piece of livestock. Rats and other diminutive pests spread disease in the tightly confined spaces of the cave-dwellers, and so they too must be eradicated whenever possible, especially herbivorous icecoons that can destroy a fungus patch in a matter of hours. The Blackwells are one of many clans devoted to this exercise – ratters at worst, brave defenders against subterranean horrors at best. The shifting volcanic activity means that the cave clans have to pack up operations fairly often to find new pockets where they can continue to practice their primitive agriculture. When this happens the Exterminator Clans are called upon to scout out the uncharted depths, clearing them for safe settling.

The cave folk did not have formal Ecclesiarchy representation when it came to service to the Imperial Cult, but they were nonetheless devoted to the Imperium and the God-Emperor. The elders of the various clans conducted services of worship as best they could, as very few of the flock were actually able to read the few beaten copies of the Codex Imperialis they possessed. Thus, their worship of the Emperor centers around dramatic tales of the exploits of Imperial saints, the Primarchs, and the Emperor himself by the warm glow of the volcanic caverns. The especially devout would attempt to memorize portions of the Codex Imperialis to ensure the integrity of their beliefs despite their inability to read the document. Gareth was captivated by these stories and dreamed of a valorous life in service to the God-Emperor, and took it upon himself to have his elders teach him the entirety of the Codex, even if his verbal recall of the many Imperial litanies and thoughts didn’t give him a clear understanding of the finer theological concepts behind the words themselves.

Gareth had no military experience prior to the founding of the 516, aside from the informal apprentice-journeyman-master hierarchy of the Exterminator Clans. The cave folk are known to the greater populations that live in mini-hives such as Lubrecht, as it is often the they who discover iron-rich areas of the planet to mine, or deep volcanic vents where geothermal power plants can be attached to Denell’s grid. Gareth, thinking his skill with a rifle was notable even among the experienced sharpshooters of the Clans, attempted to join the Denellian PDF but was turned away by recruiting officers who assumed the lad would be useless due to his cave-folk accent and apparent illiteracy.

He would get a second chance, however, when the news that Denell’s tithe of Imperial Guard Regiments would be increased from three to five for the next Founding. Most of the regimental commanders were already veteran Guardsmen – seasoned Stormcrows rewarded with a command of their own instead of choosing to muster out at the end of a very successful campaign in the Spinward Front. These new commanders – the ranking Colonels of the 516th and 518th in particular – were rather disgusted by the manifest ineptitude of the PDF troops which they were expected to populate their new regiments with. They issued a planetwide call for any Imperial Citizen to undertake basic guard training, with the promise that anyone who could prove their worth would be accepted into the Stormcrows. Gareth happily volunteered with the blessing of his clan, mounting his family’s nalroth and undertaking the long trek to Hive Lubrecht to attempt to impress his future commander. The more experienced and practical recruitment officers of the Imperial Guard immdiately took note of Gareth’s remarkable ballistic skill and tracking abilities, and was welcomed into the 516th Recon without delay.

Trooper Gareth Blackwell

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