Sergeant Carno

The Squad's pessimistic NCO (and unofficial chef)


Carno has already seen his fair share of combat, unlike most of the 516th. He was part of an influx to the now-defunct 511th, traveling with a few hundred other recruits to reinforce the regiment of drop troopers. Somehow he actually survived the following years to muster out, and did so close enough to his homeworld that he could return to it.

He was largely dissatisfied. War had broken him down and put him back together, it seemed, and his new shape just didn’t fit on the ice world any more. So when five new regiments were going to be Founded he re-upped, forsaking the grav chute of his youth for the scout vehicles of the 516th (Recon). After all this he maintains a bleak outlook on the life of a Guardsman, but still does his best to keep the morale up among his men and women (often by working minor miracles with the standard combat rations to turn them into something roughly approaching palatable).


Sergeant Carno

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