Colonel Devi Narcia

The 516th's Wild-Card Commanding Officer


Colonel Devi Narcia was already something of an anomaly just for being the only female regimental commander of this Founding. Actually volunteering to command the deviation regiment made sure that all eyebrows involved were raised. While an officer of the Denelian PDF she was an adamant campaigner for diversification in the defenders of her homeworld – specialization was all well and good for a Guard regiment that could depend on its fellows from other worlds to fill in the gaps, she was fond of saying, but the PDF for the backwater planet of the Aftenbar system could hardly hope that drop troopers would be able to hold their own in the face of a concerted effort from invaders. When the Founding was announced she jumped at the chance, hoping that if the deviation regiment could achieve great victories that it would later trickle back and effect the PDF’s doctrines.

Although she is a largely untested commander she proved adept at remaining flexible during the training schedule, willing to give her battalion and company commanders room to operate under their own initiative in addition to adapting to the unexpected exceedingly well. The men and women under her command largely think of her as one of them, and have displayed fervent loyalty to her (if only, for the moment, in barroom brawls after drop troopers have dared to mock her).


Colonel Devi Narcia

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